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RMG 981

Throttle valve for gas engines

RMG 983

Gas mixer with variable mixing gap

RMG 925

The RMG 925 over-pressure protection fulfils the requirements of DVGW worksheet G 491

RMG 917

The RMG 917 is a monitoring device for leakage gas flows. It is ideal for use with safety relief valves (SRV) as it can indicate opening of the relief valve and simplify the monitoring of SRV response and SRV setpoint adjustment.

RMG 916

The RMG 916 test combination is a device for adjusting and testing safety shut-off valves (SSV) and safety relief valves (SRV).

RMG 915

The RMG 915 is a vent valve that is well suited for protecting the installation room against inadmissible gas leaks from diaphragm assemblies. In case of a defect, it limits the leakage to the preset limit value (with respect to air in normal condition)

RMG 914

The RMG 914 is a test valve that is ideal for installation in measuring lines of safety devices

RMG 912

The RMG 912 is a 3-way push-button valve for safety shutoff valve (SSV) measuring lines, and for manual release function via underpressure shut-off. ​​

RMG 911a

The RMG 911a is a push-button valve with service position ‘open’.

RMG 910a

The RMG 910a is a push-button valve with service position ‘closed’.