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RMG 309

RMG 309 safety shutoff valve is the functional unit for RMG 240, RMG 270-3, RMG 277, RMG 204, RMG 800 and RMG 280-309 gas pressure regulators.

Features and Benefits:

  • Standalone SSV Series RMG 291, utilizing S240 or S270 bodies
  • Valve position indicator as standard, with remote indication available
  • Over-pressure and under-pressure release
  • Direct acting
  • Re-engage by hand
  • Easy to maintain
  • Fast reactivity
  • Thermal protective ‘T-type’ release available (gas flow is cut off as soon as the max. temperature is exceeded)
  • Suitable for natural, non-aggressive and manufactured gases; nitrogen, carbon dioxide and propane; and other gases upon enquiry
  • CE registration according to PED
  • Max. valve chamber pressure pu max = 1 1 bar (on UK version approved to GIS/V9)
  • Max. admissible pressure pmax and PS = 19 bar (10 bar for pilot controlled regulator)
  • Temperature range: 40 to 60 °C

All mechanical components of this device are without ignition sources. As such, they are not subject to ATEX 95 (94/9/EC). All electrical components used with this device meet the ATEX requirements.