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RMG 330


  • Direct-acting gas pressure regulator (GPR) (working without auxiliary power) with incorporated SSV for commercial and industrial gas installations as well as local supply systems
  • Particularly well-suited for dynamic processes (e.g. gas furnaces, burner circuits, gas engine operations)
  • Can also be used as an equipment part for gas consumer facilities pursuant to EC Directive (90/396/EWG)
  • As gas pressure regulator with electrical setpoint follower (motorized actuator) and pneumatic setpoint follower
  • Can be used for gases according to DVGW worksheet G 260 and neutral non-aggressive gases; other gases upon request

Features and Benefits:

  • Design inherently pressure-tight (IS)
  • GPR with integrated SSV, optionally SBV for gas leakage quantities as well as variant with safety diaphragm
  • Large inlet pressure range
  • Installation of different valve seat diameters possible
  • Maintenance-friendly due to replaceable functional units (pluggable design)
  • SSV optionally function class A or B
  • Pressure compensation valve (inner circumference) incorporated in SSV actuator

Variants, Optionally:

  • Without SSV
  • With SSV – manual triggering
  • With SSV – electromagnetic remote triggering
  • With electrical position display for SSV “Closed” using inductive proximity initiator and intrinsically safe power circuit
  • Regulator system with leakage gas SBV (pd up to 0.5 bar) or safety diaphragm
  • With HON 915 breather valve (SSV/RE) or HON 919 switching valve (SSV)
  • With noise reduction