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RMG 503

RMG 503 is a pilot-operated gas pressure regulator with incorporated safety shut off valve. It is ideal for regulating non-aggressive gases at transfer stations in gas transport networks for power plants and industrial facilities.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wide inlet pressure range
  • Outlet DN double as inlet DN
  • Fewer parts, easy to maintain, quiet operation
  • Grid plate for noise reduction
  • Also available with metal foam for additional noise reduction
  • Version with Safety Shut-off Valve (SSV), actuators K 1a, K 2a/1, K 2a/2, K 10a, K 11a/1, K 11a/2, K 16, K 17, K 18, K 19
  • Suitable for non-aggressive gases, other gases on enquiry
  • CE registration according to PED
  • Max. admissible pressure PS: 100 bar
  • Max. inlet pressure pu max: up to 100 bar
  • Outlet pressure range Wd: 0.3 bar to 90 bar
  • Minimum pressure drop: 1.5 bar (4 bar for DN 25/25), others on enquiry
  • Max. pressure drop: 90 bar
  • Class of lock-up pressure zone: SZ 2.5
  • SSV setting range
    • For overpressure: Wdo 50 mbar to 90 bar
    • For underpressure: Wdu 10 mbar up to 90 bar
  • Connection
    • DIN flange PN 40 and Class 150 according to ANSI 16.5 for DN 25/25
    • Flange Class 300, Class 600 according to ANSI 16.5
    • With pipe sizes inlet/outlet – DN 25/25, DN 25/50, DN 50/100, DN 80/150, DN 100/200, DN 150/300

All mechanical components of this device are without potential ignition sources and/ or hot faces. They are not subject to ATEX 95 (94/9/EC). All electronic accessories, on the other hand, meet ATEX requirements.