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RMG 655-EP

RMG 655-EP is a pilot with electric/pneumatic loading pressure stage according to DIN EN 334.​

The pneumatic pressure control stages monitor the preset limit values. As soon as outlet pressure gets close to these limits during operation, the pneumatic pressure control stages take over and keep the pressure constant. The transition from electronic control to pneumatic control is done automatically and is operated smoothly in both directions.

The following operation modes may be realized between the two pressure limits:
Remote setpoint adjustment

  • Adaptation of setpoints due to frequently changing operating conditions
  • Integration with process control systems
  • Flow control, optimising efficient gas supply
  • Gas storage in networks and tanks
  • Meter protection by means of actual flow limitation
  • Pressure control
  • Meter protection by means of actual flow limitation
  • According to defined pressure curves throughout a day or week
  • To improve regulating accuracy and stability due to electronic PI or PID control

Features and Benefits:

  • CE registration according to PED in combination with RMG gas pressure regulators
  • According to DIN EN 334, the pilot is an integral component of this device
  • Max. admissible pressure PS = 100 bar
  • Max. inlet pressure pu max: up to 100 bar

Pilot HON 655-EP consists of functional modules on a common base plate:

  • 1st stage: Automatic load-limiting stage
  • 2nd stage: Pilot stage for the upper outlet pressure limit pd max, optionally pd min
  • 3rd stage: Electro-pneumatic loading pressure stage converting electrical signals into pneumatic signals

All mechanical components of this device are without potential ignition sources and/ or hot faces. They are not subject to ATEX 95 (94/9/EC). All electronic accessories, on the other hand, meet ATEX requirements.