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RMG 750

​​RMG 750 is a pilot operated globe type safety shut-off valve (SSV) according to DIN EN 14382.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low pressure loss due to axial flow passage
  • Short closing time
  • Low susceptibility to vibration through favorable center of gravity (even mass distribution around pipe center line)
  • Low-wear design – stainless steel sleeve
  • high flow capacity thanks to axial design
  • Backflow security up to Δp= 40 bar
  • Easy to maintain compact design and reduced number of wearing parts
  • High flow rates up to 100m/sec possible
  • Increased security through “Fail-close” structure
  • OPEN/CLOSE position indication by inductive Limit switch optional
  • Visual position indicator as standard
  • Quick release at Auxiliary power failure