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RMG EC 900

The EC 900 compact volume corrector is preferably suitable for use in small to medium-sized measuring systems in which measurement is carried out with rotary displacement meters or turbine meters and where there is no electrical room with control cabinets. Such systems are often found when they are handed over to small municipal utilities or commercial gas customers.

For calculation of the standard volume according to GERG 88S, AGA-NX-19 or AGA 8 Gross 1
Version for Ex zones 1 and 2
Can be mounted on TRZ or DKZ
Tariff device function
Calibration logbook
Optional internal modem or external communication module
Convenient Dialog 900 operating software for local use or in the control center
MID approved
Compact volume corrector with many communication possibilities with a meter:

1 volume input as LF input (Reed/Wiegand)
1 volume input for encoder
2 or 4 status inputs

Housing – Cast aluminium, protection class IP 65
Versions for use in rooms according to G 490 (Ex zone II) or Ex(i) version for use in rooms according to G 491 (Ex zone I)
Max. Operating pressure pmax – up to 70 bar
Interfaces – Optical interface for infrared read head
RS 232/422/485 interface
Ethernet or USB (alternative to modem)
Protocols – Modbus ASCII/RTU